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What is CrossSpace

Enter the arena of SOGAFI: Participate in content PvP battles, boost the ranking of your favourite creators with gamified items, and share generous rewards with winners.
Welcome to the future of Gamified Social!

What is CrossSpace?

CrossSpace is forging an exhilarating social platform for Web3 creators and enthusiasts. We've injected an extra dose of excitement by transforming Social Mining and Content Investment into a captivating game, and we fondly refer to it as "Sogafi"!
Our vision is clear: empower creators to monetize their content and influences, while rewarding their dedicated followers for engaging in a wide array of platform activities. From trading and content mining to thrilling gamified PvP battles and beyond, there's wealth to be found for everyone. Join us on this thrilling journey towards both fun and financial prosperity!
CrossSpace is on a mission to establish a multi-chain social platform and has secured seed investments from Vertex Ventures and IVC in 2022.

Meet with Sogafi: Social, Gaming, and Investment, all in one!


Be part of our vibrant community, and meet with diverse creators and passionate web3 enthusiasts. Join circles, build connections, and cultivate relationships with shared interests.

PvP Battle Game

Merge social with thrilling PvP battles using specialized "Potion". Enhance your skills to bolster creators and their loyal holders, or challenge them head-on, all at your command.


Invest in promising creators with our innovative Dual Bonding Curve mechanism. Trade content TICKETs and creator KEYs as a bundle to potentially maximize your gains.

Core Features

Explore how we empower creators and their followers to forge strong connections while unlocking substantial earning opportunities within our core features.

Content Mining Pools

Mining pools are curated around trending content hashtags and topics. Creators who rise to the top in these pools share exclusive platform crystal airdrops and surprise rewards with their loyal ticket holders.

Invest in Content Tickets & Creator Keys

Trade content TICKETs and creator KEYs as a bundle powered by Dual-Bonding Curve mechanism with a rigorously audited smart contract.

KEY-gated Circles

Access to Creator Circles is exclusive to KEY holders of the Creator, and it is up to the Creator to determine the number of KEYs needed to enter the circle.
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